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Lookin' outside it seems like winter is slowly loosening its grip…SLOWLY!!! For those of us living not far from a river it's welcome to have this slow warm-up rather than instant summer! The major flooding that was forecast has been backed down to normal spring flooding on the Mississippi and fishing in late April should be fantastic.. on fire even!!!

Some great news in regards to the Get on the Water family! New sponsors that are complete or in process are making this an exciting late winter/ spring!!! I'd like to welcome Irish Setter and a contributing sponsor for the 2011 season! Great footwear and now clothing to match! Throughout the season I'll be providing product reviews and details on the great outdoor wear Irish Setter has introduced for the 2011 season.

Two other sponsors are just about complete and ready to announce, both of which will be great additions to the family as well. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

In the articles area each month I will post on the latest techniques, baits, locations and presentations to help you catch more fish more often and find great vacation spots for you and the family.

Check out the schedule area often as I'll be updating the calendar as events are starting to stack up and I always welcome people to join me on locations to ask questions go for a ride in the Evinrude Powered Ranger 620, or just talk smart with me about fishing in general!

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